At Statewide Gas, we are forklift gas bottle suppliers and domestic gas bottle refill suppliers in Geelong. Whether you’re operating a fleet of forklifts or just the one, it’s imperative that you have access to clean and reliable gas to get the most out of your machinery.

Whether it’s BBQ gas bottle refills, a forklift gas bottle or gas cylinder refills, we offer competitive pricing on all of our gas bottle refills, meaning you can run as many forklifts as you need to get the job done without having to worry about operating costs.

Statewide Gas refill and test all gas cylinders commonly used by forklifts including 14kg, 18kg and 20kg tanks. The best part is that, unlike many other providers we change over the gas in our tanks every 48 hours to ensure our customers have access to the cleanest, most efficient energy source possible.

We also ensure you get the maximum bang for you buck by filling your gas cylinders properly. Weigh gas cylinders leaves plenty of room for error, with many variable in play, such as how much oxygen is already in the bottle. Instead of using this method, Statewide Gas manually filly your gas cylinder to the highest possible line.

Forklift gas bottle testing

In Australia, LPG cylinders of all kinds are subject to testing every 10 years to ensure they adhere to all relevant safety and performance standards. If you haven’t tested an LPG cylinder within the approved 10 year period, you are unable to fill the cylinder as it poses a safety risk.

Statewide Gas can quickly and effectively test all of your forklift gas cylinders as an approved tester and provide you with the stamp of approval you need to be able to fill your cylinder and get back to work!

For experienced and reliable forklift gas bottle cylinder refill suppliers and testers in Geelong, contact Statewide Gas.

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