How much does it cost to test my auto tank?

There are so many different types of automotive LPG cylinders that it is hard to tell you without seeing the tank itself. For a re-test some tanks only require minimal new parts and labor, whereas other tanks require complete new valves every 10 years. For an accurate quote please send images of the valves on the tank via email or to our office mobile 0439 336 676.

How can I tell if my bottle is in date?

It’s important to check if your gas bottle is out of date. In Australia it is illegal and incredibly dangerous to refill an out of date gas bottle. Pick up the bottle and look at the collar around the top Rotate around until you see stamped numbers (sometimes difficult to read) You will find a month and year stamp. This is your 10 year start date. For example 10/13 represent October 2013, this will expire in October 2023. If this is older than ten years your gas bottle is out of date. If your gas bottle is out of date do not refill it. This is for the safety of you, your family or anyone else in the vicinity of your gas bottle when in use. Gas bottles can be tested and re-stamped once deemed safe after inspection.

What is the difference between a new gas bottle and a re-tested bottle?

The main difference is that the new bottle may be “prettier”. All of our re-tested bottles have been pressure tested and safety checked and come with a 10 year test date from the day you purchase it, unlike buying a new bottle that may have been sitting on a shelf for sometimes years.

What sizes do gas bottles come in?

Statewide gas can refill bottles ranging from 0.34 kg to 20kg. We have a swap / delivery system for 45kg bottles. And we can point you in the right direction for refills for 210kg bottles and all bulk tanks.

Can you fill my 45kg cylinder?

At this stage we cannot fill 45kg cylinders as they are filled by weight and require a scale and pump set up. We do however have a 45kg swap system that you can enquire about.

Do you stock replacement BBQ hoses?

We do stock a range of basic BBQ hoses, regulators and a wide range of BBQ accessories. If you are visiting us in regards to a new BBQ hose, its best to bring your old one so we can match the BBQ connection end, they unfortunately don’t make them all the same.

Can you fill my swap and go bottle?

Sure we can. All metal gas bottles can be refilled in their 10-year cycle. In Australia, gas bottles must be tested every 10 years. We accept all bottle brands for refilling.

How can I tell how much gas is in my bottle?

Generally you can shake your bottle and should be able to feel and hear gas moving around. You can also purchase gauges for your bottles but they are not always 100% accurate. The best way to tell how much gas is in your bottle is to weigh it. The weight of the empty bottle is listed on the outside either as t.w tare weight or e.w empty weight. For example your bottle weighs 12.3kg the empty weight stamped on the side of the bottle reads 8.3. Meaning you have 4kg of gas in your bottle

What is the average time it takes to refill a gas bottle?

Roughly 4 minutes or so for a 9kg bottle. Refilling times can vary for each individual bottle , and the outside temperature plays a role in length of time to refill.

How many bottles can I have in my car?

It is recommended that you carry no more than 2 x 9kg gas bottles in an enclosed vehicle. The bottles must be stored upright at all times and also be secured tightly in the vehicle.

Do you fill out of date gas cylinders?

For safety and legal reasons we do not fill out of date cylinders. However, as authorised gas bottle testers in Geelong we can test your gas bottle to ensure it complies with relevant standards and issue you with a certification. At which point, we can also fill the gas bottle for you.

Do you supply gas refills or gas testing for trades?

We certainly do! We welcome all trade enquiries and encourage you to create an account with us to ensure you are well looked after for all of your gas bottle testing and refill needs. Contact us to find out more.

Can you dispose of gas bottles?

We can dispose of gas bottles in small quantities. If you have a couple of gas bottles lying dormant on your property that you would like disposed of, we can assist.

Can you refill the gas bottle for my campervan?

We can absolutely refill the gas bottle for your campervan if you’ve run out of gas or need to fill it before returning a rental. We also sell small fire extinguishers and fire blankets ideal for campervans to ensure maximum safety while enjoying the great outdoors.