Statewide Gas is an authorised refill and testing agent, offering our services for a variety of gas bottle sizes. Whether you’re gearing up for a BBQ and realise your gas bottle has run out, need some gas for your outdoor heater during the colder months or are going camping for a long weekend, Statewide Gas has your refill and testing needs covered. We also carry out gas cylinder testing for cars in Geelong.

Regardless of the size of your gas bottle or what you’re using it for, all gas bottles have to be tested every 10 years by law. Statewide Gas can carry out gas bottle testing on your gas bottles and give you the authorised stamp of approval or organise a new bottle if your one doesn’t pass the test.

Many people opt for service station gas bottle swapping, but there are three things to consider before getting in your car and heading to your closest retail outlet. The first thing to consider is that you will inevitably pay top dollar for changing over the gas bottle; the second thing to consider is that when you swap over a bottle there is no guarantee that you’re going to get the full 10 years out of that bottle, as the bottle you choose may be already half-way through its life cycle, it’s essentially a lucky dip; and the third is that most service stations will only offer two sizes of gas bottles.

The difference is that at Statewide Gas, we are cheaper than a vast majority of these retail outlets, we ensure that you are given a brand new gas bottle when you need one and we offer a large variety of gas bottle sizes, from small campervan gas bottles to larger 9kg gas bottles.

Gas bottle refills for campers

Usually before you return a rented campervan you have to ensure that both the camper’s fuel and gas bottle are full, otherwise you incur additional charges. Statewide Gas can fill up gas bottles from all major campervan rental companies, including Apollo, Britz and Jucy campervans at a highly competitive rate.

When it comes to getting the most for your money, you can’t get better value than Statewide Gas. We ensure every bottle is filled properly by ensuring gas is filled to the highest line it can be filled legally, instead of simply using an inaccurate weighing method like many other providers.

For reliable and cost effective gas bottle refills and testing in Geelong, get in contact with Statewide Gas.

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