At Statewide Gas, we offer efficient and effective gas bottle and LPG cylinder services for domestic and commercial purposes. Our licensed team specialises in gas refills and gas bottle testing in Geelong and surrounds.

There’s a variety of reasons or purposes that people might want to choose gas refills as opposed to changing bottles. At Statewide Gas, our Geelong gas bottle refill services provide alternatives for customers. Your gas bottle might be custom sized or a unique shape, in which case our gas bottle refills service is ideal.

If your gas bottle or LPG cylinder is nearing the end of itsĀ initial 10-year lifespan, our accredited gas bottle testers can test it for you and, if it’s still in good order, ensure you get another 10 years out of it. We can carry out all types of LPG cylinder and gas bottle testing in Geelong and surrounds, as well as car LPG cylinder testing and forklift cylinder testing. We’re also forklift gas bottle suppliers.

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