Lpg cylinder disposal, damaged, rusted, old, expired lpg cylinders are not permitted to be disposed in the general trash. Never place any gas cylinder of any size with your recycling. The compressed gas makes them hazardous. Empty lpg cylinders still contain enough flammable gas to cause an explosion, so you must be very careful with them.

Careless gas bottle disposal can cause a safety hazard for the landfill and gas bottle recycling workers. Compacting or crushing of disposed gas cylinders may result in fire or explosion.

As a licensed test station, here at statewide gas we offer a cylinder disposal service for your old or unwanted lpg cylinders. Everything from bbq cylinders, 45kg cylinders, forklift cylinders and automotive lpg tanks, basically anything lpg.

Whilst some of the cylinders are decommissioned and made ready for the scrap yard a lot of them can be re-tested and put back to use. We also provide decommissioned cylinders to a network of metalwork artists that turn the old cylinders into masterpieces. Many of their creations are displayed in our customer creations corner, and can be purchased from our store.

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