If you have an LPG tank in your car it needs to be tested by an authorised LPG testing agent every 10 years for your car to be certified as roadworthy. At Statewide Gas we make it as easy as possible for you to have your car or forklift’s gas cylinder tested in Geelong.

LPG testing is critical in ensuring your vehicle is safe and is being run as efficiently as possible. Within a ten year time frame many things can go wrong with your car’s gas tank, whether damage occurs through general wear and tear, mechanical faults, being exposed to large amounts of heat or the cylinder itself becomes subject to corrosion, our team will carry out all the relevant testing to ensure your gas cylinder meets the relevant legal standards.

If your gas cylinder passes the test we will give it a stamp of approval that clearly shows your LPG tank has been tested and approved by an authorised tester. If the gas tank fails the test we will investigate why and either dispose of the gas tank for you or if you have a faulty part, organise a repair or replacement.

At Statewide Gas we can replace or repair valves, hoses, regulators and a variety of other common parts that may need to be replaced on your gas cylinder. Ensuring the cylinder in your car is working optimally and is operating safely.

Whether you’re a private vehicle owner with one car that you want tested, or a business owner with a fleet of vehicles used for commercial purposes, our team can provide high-quality and efficient testing to ensure the LPG cylinders in your cars are certified and compliant.

While Statewide Gas are certified gas bottle and car LPG cylinder testing agents in Geelong , we do not refill car LPG cylinders. Contact us to find out more about our car gas cylinder testing services.

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